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If we're going to do one we need to get it in NOW.  Whoever signs the
paperwork does not mean they have to be the Event Steward.  It's just a name
of the paper so we MIGHT accidently get another event.  We can't do King's
College, too late for that one and it's going to be in Okla.  So do we want
a spring event that is just ours or do we want to try to go for a Kingdom
level event or even do one of the add-ons like Huntsman or Archer?


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Do we still want to do our Spring event?   We can do so if we want to but we
need to answer Reis pretty darn soon, before someone else takes the date!



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As you may have seen via ansteorra-announce, we have reached 45
weekends booked in 2013.  The Kingdom Seneschal has approved your
request to go up against Mooneschadowe on February 15-17 should you
still wish to do so; please let me know if your group still wants the
date and I will add you to the calendar if so with no need for a new



HL Reis ap Tuder
Kingdom Calendar Deputy
calendar at ansteorra.org

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