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It has not been changed online.  But in meetings that Shanahan attended they
have stated it will be the FIRST weekend in May, apparently it can only take
place right before final exams.



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Ok, I feel like the fool,  there is no official date on the web.  All of the
calendars I can find are from last year.


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Isn't that the SAME weekend we are already obligated to Sam Houston Folk
Festival?  The first weekend in May is the Folk Festival and we obligated to
it months ago.  It was just discussed again at our November Populace.


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Greetings all,


  War of the Rams was awesome. Thanks to those from our Barony who helped
sit gate for our cousins. It was much appreciated by them.


  HE Pace fought in his third war now for the Barony and had a great time.
He came home with only one war bruise! And lots of stories to tell. We hope
everyone who went had a great time. Our Raven's Fort hospitality tent was a
hit. We had a full house with people from all over eating our foodstuffs,
sharing laughter and friendship. It was a great day for our Barony.


  The talk of having a joint event with Stargate, Bordermarch and Loch
Soilleir was firmed up on Sunday. We did decide to hold a joint Baronial
together to free up the calendar and share the expense and responsibility of
putting on an event . The date will be May 3-5, the usual date for
Loch/Stargate Baronials. We are telling this date now so our friends that
work in TDC can begin to look at the possibility of getting the date off
from work. The site will be the Bordermarch site with the fighting occurring
in the middle of the common camping area, no castle. More details will be
available by our Yule Populace meeting. We do know that our Barony will be
responsible for the archery part of the event. Our Barony will have the
chance to make monies for our Barony in ways also having details to follow.
We are very honored and excited to be included in this first time try of a
joint event with our Southern Cousins. We will need everyone on board to
make this happen and would like a good showing from our group to make it


 Speaking of Yule, we had an informal discussion about it at our Baronial
encampment Friday night with all who graciously came to visit. It was
decided to have our December Populace at Yule as has occurred in the past
few years. This year we will have a 'campfire'  Populace near our barn. At
this time we will discuss our spring event date, brainstorm ideas about it
and tell of the latest news and plans for the joint Baronial event in May.
We want to hear from our Populace and utilize our talents and brains to see
how we want to handle this try by the Southern area to relieve the calendar,
how it will affect our group in the near future and how we will still use
our dear Stones site as well. We have some ideas on this and want to hear


 We also decided to forgo the dessert contest this year and just have fun
eating it all. We also will not do the Mongolian gift exchange. Those who
wish can still bring a gift to exchange and we will draw numbers to exchange
them, first come, first pick. Children can bring a child's gift to have a
separate exchange as well. 


 So we will begin the fun at noon on Saturday, have a campfire Populace at
3, eat at 5 along with a short court, we still have some awards to give
out!! Then we will follow with the gift exchange with campfire drumming and
fun that evening. This will give time for our day tripping peoples to travel
safely home before it gets too late for them. We will get a food list going
soon. Be thinking about what food items you might like to bring. We usually
have around 30 people.


  Looking forward to seeing everyone at Yule.


With love and affection, 


Pasquale Pace and Giovanna Lena Caronna  
Baron and Baroness of Raven's Fort


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