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Greetings Ansteorra,

I apologize to any getting this message more than once.

After much discussion and long deliberation, Their Majesties, the Kingdom
Seneschal, the Kingdom Earl Marshal, and I have signed the following into
law. It should be published the December Blackstar, and I believe it was
read into law this weekend.


The long and short of it is that as of January 1, 2013, fencing class
blades, called "light rapier" in the SCA rules, will no longer be used in
competition for adults. This includes foils, epees, double-wide epees, and
musketeer epees.  (The new Darkwood WMA Rapier Foil is not included in this
action.) They may be used for training purposes as well as for the youth
program, which includes adults fighting against youth. Variances for events
like the Bryn Gwylad event a couple of years ago can be granted with
permission from the KRM, and you may fight with them at an out of kingdom
event if they are allowed.

Also, we have removed the minimum length of a draw cut from the Ansteorran
rules, leaving us with the society standard.

In addition, any authorized marshal may marshal a C&T fight so long as an
authorized C&T marshal is present.

Other than these three things, I don't think much has changed in how we will
be playing the game.

Rapier Marshal

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