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Kirsten Houseknecht kirsten at fabricdragon.com
Tue Aug 1 09:08:55 PDT 2006

shipping is your friend.


i usually say pack this at a minimum...
(in addition to whatever other underthings you may require)

one ultra light base layer, in linen (chemise, or undertunic)
one heavy weight base layer in Linen
one basic outfit in washable silk
one outer layer in summer weight wool (silk if you have wool issues)

in my case that amounts to a under dress or tunic,
a ten gore dress or lace up dress
sideless surcoat

by combining different layers i can be moderately comfie in *most* pennsic

add a cloak
and a sari or bog dress (they pack flat)

and you can survive almost anything. (of course *I* always pack snoods, hats
and veils, they keep my hair up and they dress up an outfit.... most of them
pack flat)

I buy my sun hat on site... they dont pack well.

incidentally, if you need a trip into Butler during week one, let me know..
my storage locker is out there anyway....
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Before you leave the house: hat, water, medication if needed
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> I've way underestimated the type of clothes to take at several
> Pennsics and at this last Gulf Wars. And since I'm flying in, the
> "simply take everything" doesn't work.
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