[Sca-cooks] Cooking contest

Katja Orlova katjaorlova at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 1 10:16:00 PDT 2006

>It seems to me that all of these Laurels prepare
> feasts, which does not invalidate my observations.
> They have done some feasts but are mainly known for
> their competition expertise, save Master A.
> Any of you real cooking Laurels want to pipe in on
> this?

To my knowledge, I was inducted into the Laurel in
AEthelmearc specifically for my researching of and
*teaching* classes on period food... so I think I'm a
real cooking Laurel. <smile> 

I have cooked a lot of successful under-budget period
feasts and I have entered and won a few A&S
competitions, but I stopped entering over five years
ago when I was being urged to judge rather than enter.

Between the pelican and the laurel, I'm probably known
equally as a head cook and teacher, overall, far more
so than an A&S competition winner.

So, I strongly doubt my entering or not entering A&S
competitions had much impact on my being inducted into
the Laurel. 

OTOH, I think my winning a few Ice Dragon food
categories several years ago had far more impact on my
being inducted into my kingdom's **grant-level** A&S
order. (That, and teaching, publishing, redacting,

Just my two pence,

Baroness, Thescorre

"Some adults are actually children who have climbed into adult suits and opened checking accounts. They have fully developed sexual characteristics and are capable of reproducing. But they cannot be left alone in a house without breaking something, and later they will lie about it.  They look so much like adults that you feel silly giving them a timeout.  But that's what you have to do. You have to treat these people like children -- firmly, sometimes with a firmness that borders on the brutal.  You cannot give in to them. They will take over.  They will take everything you have because they don't even see you there. You're like a big wallet to them. A wallet shaped like a breast." --Cary Tennis

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