[Sca-cooks] electrolyte question (oop)

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 1 10:46:39 PDT 2006

Kirsten Houseknecht wrote:
> i usually, for myself. make up an electrlyte solution that involves
> lime juice or koolaide unsweetened mix
> some splenda to make it palatable
> dash salt
> water
> but i have been playing around with club soda mixer and it has all kinds of
> salts in it...
> would a club soda/lime juice mix make a good electrlyte replenisher?
> i mean without the gin... or even with the gin!
Well Gin and Tonic was invented as a replenisher... ya right.

Personally, I believe that fruit juice is a better bet for electrolyte 
and mineral replenishment than flavored salt water, containing a variety 
of compounds.  I frequently serve watered-down chilled orange juice and 
that gets slurped up faster than the Ade of the Gator!

Torani and Da Vinci put out sugar-free flavored syrups, all sweetened 
with Splenda.  That makes me happeeee!  These are intended for fancy 
coffee drinks or Italian sodas with seltzer water, but you can do so 
much more with them. 


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