[Sca-cooks] Sugar problems

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Err, please to note that "sucrose" in the USA is standard "table sugar"
and may occur in multiple forms. (Cane, corn syrup, beet, etc.)

Did you mean perhaps "sucralose" instead (generic name for the
ingredient that makes Splenda or Altern different, and is added to
dextrose and maltodextrin in those products)?

And while I'm at it -- in modern-day ingredient lists on packaging, be
very aware of WHERE the package was prepared, and for what intended
DESTINATION.  For example, where a package intended for consumption in
the USA might list "sugar", a European package *may* show "glucose" [and
may or may not actually have the ingredient Americans would expect with
that specific terminology].  Gemberkoeck, as far as my body can tell, is
made with true glucose in the brand that I have enjoyed two or three
times.  I have seen alternate packaging / other products from the same
manufacturer / importer that specified sucrose -- and I passed them by,
based on experience.

No, I do not claim to understand when an item is / is not fully labeled
to USA standard expectations.  I'm just glad that so many more imports
are becoming more widely available -- or reliable alternatives are being
produced in/for the American market.  

(Non-sugar, but possibly useful in provisioning for Pennsic / other
events with limited cooler space or refrigeration available:  Had a
surprisingly good can of dolmas-equivalents a month ago.  Well, the can
only claimed "stuffed vine leaves", my tastebuds said
"tastes-like-dolmas".  Drat-it-all-to-heck, Big Lots had sold out by the
time I got back with funds in hand.  Yeah, that's right:  Big Lots.
>From the same source, the shelf-stable hummus and babaganoush weren't
quite as good, but they have the advantage of being shelf-stable and
packaged in amounts about right for two to share as part of a light
summer-event meal -- or for one alone to eat very well indeed, with the
addition of a bit of pita, crackers or other bread, and what-all.)

Adieu, Amra / ttfn - Mike / Pax ... Kihe

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> I had a friend who was experimenting with making sekunjabin 
> with nutrasweet years ago. I wonder what sekunjabin would be 
> like with splenda, stevia or sucrose (isn't sucrose or 
> fructose better for diabetics than plain sugar?)?
> Can you make a decent sugar syrup using sucrose or frustose, 
> maybe even with half splenda? Lemon juice, rice wine vinegar, 
> splenda with a dash of salt. Would it be drinkable? I hate 
> artificial sweeteners, so it's doubtful I'd try it. Stevia 
> tastes pretty "green", like the plant it is, but I don't 
> think it would be bad with lemon juice, or even mint. 
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