[Sca-cooks] sugar problems

margaret m.p.decker at att.net
Wed Aug 2 13:34:44 PDT 2006

Havel is a nutrition researcher at UC Davis. From his writing, I would say 
his opinions are based on research rather than assumption.  You might check 
out some of his research before rejecting his opinion.


>I wonder if he was ever fat and if not, if he is assuming that fat people
> are inactive. I have seen people that are obese very active, physically.
> As long as there are diversities in people, there will not be one culprit 
> or
> one solution to the problem.
> L
> -----Original Message-----
> To quote, Peter Havel, "the increased consumption of fat, the increased
> consumption of all sugars, and inactivity are all to blame fore the 
> obesity
> epidemic."
> Bear

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