[Sca-cooks] Sugar problems, was have more fun at pennsic, was Pennsic question

Kirsten Houseknecht kirsten at fabricdragon.com
Thu Aug 3 09:03:19 PDT 2006

oh yeah......
sweet potato fries (in moderation) with salt, and a splenda lemon or lime
this is *MY* idea of an electrlyte solution.
I lived on this the last two Pennsics i went to, i swear...

come by and talk to me, i pack lots of sugar free stuff, and am *very* good
at hunting down the sugar free stuff at an event.  Just do not assume that
since I am eating it its ok.... since I can cheat occassionally.

ok, i hereby volunteer to be the "clearing house" for low carb, or sugar
free, or low glycemic foods at war..... If you find it, report it to me and
i will keep a list! that way anyone who needs to can just ask what has been
found so far!!!

(and there were sugar free ice creams last war, but i wasnt sure whether
they had Aspartame in it, which i avoid...)

sorry you got hit by the diabetes epidemic, but I hope you got diagnosed
early enough to protect your health!
my hubby was diabetic for YEARS. everyone but him knew it, he had the
classic symptoms... but he wasnt diagnosed until I told his DOCTOR to bloody
well test his sugar. (which this and several previous doctors should have

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----- Original Message ----- > Thanks so much for this information.  I've
been recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, and am still trying to
adjust...finding things that I can eat/drink without driving the blood sugar
levels out of the roof is still somehting that I'm working on.  I really
like this particular place, especially their sweet potato fries (something,
oddly enough, that I can have), so knowing that they'll make me a limeade
with Splenda is "splendid!"
> Kiri

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