[Sca-cooks] OT: diet, was sugar problems

Kirsten Houseknecht kirsten at fabricdragon.com
Thu Aug 3 10:15:40 PDT 2006

yup... my ancestry tends to lay in the fat stores too....
but *they* were working on farms. they worked very hard, and ate mostly what
they grew.. so whole foods and etc.  the obesity didnt come up until they
left the farms and started living in the city
(even my grandmother, who was a head nurse, and VERY active, would pack on
pounds fast if she wasnt careful)

my family health is great... as long as we work on the farm and do heavy
as soon as you go off the farm, we fall into two types. the too thin for
words, even when they eat a pile of food.. and the people who pile on pounds
when eating half that.

most of us are hyper sensitive to glycemic indexes as well.

glad your helath is good.. stay active!
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> otsisto wrote:
> > << I firmly believe that "diet" sodas with aspartame are a major part of
> > reason why America is so obese.>>
> >  There was a study on another theory, (which of coarse now that I need
it I
> > can't find the blasted thing) that the switch to corn syrup from cane
> > may be what started Americans on the road to obesity.
> > L
> >
> My personal blame rests with the agricultural lobbies, who got their
> version of the "Food Pyramid" recommending the largest portion of a
> "healthy diet" to include more cereals and starches than any other food
> group.  That and the "Super Size" movement, as has been pointed out by
> others.
> My personal excuse lies with my ancestors, of course.  You should see
> the women on my mother's side, who look like me.  I'm descended from
> generations of people who survived famines and other hungry times.  The
> skinny ones died off, the survivors tend to lay in fat reserves for the
> next inevitable crisis.  My blood pressure and other signs are pretty
> darned healthy.  Evolution In Action, Bay-Beee!  ;-)
> If you have a problem with my weight, it is =your= problem.  Would some
> chocolate make you feel better?
> Selene
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