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I've discovered that a good Senator or Congress person can get 
just about any red tape cleared away. Being from Texas, I've used 
Kay Bailey Hutchison a few times. She is extremely responsive and 
very much into the rights and situations of soldiers and their 
families. I call her in when I need the big dogs to fight it out 
and she's won every time...I even had a colonel call me in to 
apologize and backpeddle over the fact that I hadn't been paid 
while working for DoDDS for six months. Unfortunately, my case was 
only one case and there were hundreds of others that still had to 
wait months to get paid. He asked me to please contact Senator 
Hutchison and let her know that everything had been cleared up 
(basically call her off) and told me to please contact him 
personally if I ever had any other issues!

Full disclosure - I've only called on her twice but each time it 
worked wonders and was very fast! She had everything cleared up 
before my other representatives even responded with a "I'll look 
into it" letter. If she ever decides to run for president, I'll be 
on her campaign. She is about as non-partisan as you can get and 
still be a Republican...she has stood up to George Bush and 
croneys on numerous occasions, even when he was governor. 


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>> All I can do is suggest what my father did.  He is a disabled 
war vet whose
>> disabilities started with frost bite in the Korean War and were 
capped by a
>> Purple Heart from his second tour in Nam.  He turned up the 
heat until it
>> burned the hair off their collective toes.  He worked with the 
DAV.  He
>> started writing his elected representatives.  Pester such with 
>> letters and if you can arrange it personal visits.  Get them 
>> Nothing like a Congressional inquiry to focus attention on a 
problem.  It is
>> after all one of reasons they were elected and have such big 
staffs right?
>> Keep records of what has happened in a file along with what you 
wrote to
>> whom.  Copy such to them and keep a record of that as well.  If 
they don't
>> help, find out who is going to run against them and talk to 
them.   Be a
>> gadfly that can't be swatted and will not go away.   Know how 
the game is
>> played and play hard ball.
>> Daniel
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>Yes, on a completely different issue (getting money for classes 
that would help me find a job...money that had been allocated by a 
Federal agency, but was being administered by a MD employee who 
regarded it as her own private fiefdom), after many attempts to 
budge the woman off of the funds, I contacted my Congressman, told 
him of the situation (actually one of his aids), and had the money 
within 48 hours!!!  Amazing what a little political pressure can 
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