[Sca-cooks] 'Tis the Season (for produce, not sillies)

Elaine Koogler ekoogler1 at comcast.net
Thu Aug 3 15:40:58 PDT 2006

Susan Fox wrote:
> Very true, and I try to buy local whenever possible.  In Southern 
> California, this is not actually a hardship.  <smile>  Stone fruit and 
> berries are plentiful right now.  Today, I am pulling little red-gold 
> plums off the trees in my parents' back yard to put into box lunches for 
> a tourney this weekend and to make plum sauce to freeze for the rest of 
> the year.  OK so it won't be as bright red as the stuff in the local 
> Chinese fast food joint but it will be sooo good on the won-tons.  And 
> two-tons.  And 16-tons, whaddya get?  Another day older and deeper in... 
> plum goo.
> Selene
Can you share your recipe for the plum sauce?  I have one and would like 
to compare the two...


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