[Sca-cooks] preparing foods at tourney side over braziers

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Thu Aug 3 22:55:30 PDT 2006

niccolo difrancesco mentioned:
<<< I eventually began preparing foods at tourney side over braziers and
coals in media res (in the middle of things) to bring my craft to the
bigger tapestry of the event atmosphere. >>>

Oh? Be careful, you've gotten Stefan's interest. :-)

What kinds of items did you cook? Were you selling this items? Or  
just handing them out to passers-by? How did you avoid having a  
fighter or spectator walk, literally, onto your brazier(s)? Since  
this could cover the tournament field with enticing smells, I think  
it could be disruptive. "ATTEND! This tournament is going to be  
temporarily suspended while everyone takes a non-scheduled lunch break."

<<< Sure, I haven't been able to enjoy the
life of a Laurel so much since elevation as I have started a  
restaurant >>>

You've mentioned this, but I don't remember the details, if you gave  
them. Where and what kind of restaurant?

<<< and been elected to public office, but I still have the fond  
memories >>>

And I don't remember you mentioning this before. What public office?

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