[Sca-cooks] Water at Pennsic

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Thu Aug 3 23:28:05 PDT 2006

Jadwiga Zajaczkowa replied to me with:
 > It usually isn't needed. I didn't make Pennsic 24, but I was at a
 > later one that was hot and that was the one where the waterbearers
 > were occasionally making the rounds of the tents and/or leaving
 > bottles of water. Not allowing them to do so thugh... This really
 > sounds like someone's beauracratic turf building/defending with
 > little thought to the safety of the regular Pennsic participants.
 > The ones on the field are not the only ones in need of replenishing
 > liquids during a very hot Pennsic. And for many people the walk back
 > to their camps is not a quick little jog away.

Drinking water is still available at Chirugeon's point, which is
(thankfully) reasonably close. The availability of water at Chirugeon's
point is the justification.>>>

I remember seeing the misting area there and sometimes taken  
advantage of that. I may have missed the drinking water being  
available there.

Are there any paper cups or such to bring the water back to a class  
tent? I try to remember to bring a mug, but sometimes don't remember.  
Now to get the teachers to end classes on time, instead of trying to  
run from one class tent, to the chirugeon's point, get water and get  
back to my next class, and hopefully get a chair in the shade (or at  
all) in the two minutes between the classes. Oh well, there are  
probably only a few of us that schedule two or three classes back to  
back to back.

Thanks for someone mentioning the jugs and where they might be  
filled. Without that info I might have hesitated to try to fill them,  
not knowing whether they needed to be sanitized or whatever before  
filling, even if I knew about the water. If it is a hot Pennsic, I  
will especially keep this in mind and see if they need filling.

IMHO, the solution to problems like not having enough water jugs to  
provide water is not to state that you don't have the supplies and  
manpower to do it, but to solve the original problem. For instance,  
quite a lot of camps buy pallets of drinking water for their camps.  
I'm sure some of them could be convinced to drop off their used  
bottles for use in the class tents or where ever. Sometimes it is a  
matter of simply getting the word out.

And a big thank you to those of you who might have been helping with  
this unofficial effort in the past.

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