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I'm not sure...and having only been to one Pennsic, I can just say 
that the chocolate milk is definitely worth the pilgrimage. It is 
super creamy and chocolatey. The only thing that I've tried since 
that comes close is a local brand called Promise Land. It is 
pasteurized but not homogenized...or maybe vice versa...and the 
cows aren't given hormones or anything like that. The 2% milk is 
as creamy and delicious as whole milk and the whole milk is almost 
like drinking pudding. The chocolate flavor really comes through 
and I can easily down a jug in one gulp...and I'm not a huge milk 

As an aside, I have recently read in two separate magazines (so it 
must be true!) that a study found that drinking 8oz of chocolate 
milk helped professional athletes recover from a strenuous workout 
better than a "performance" drink like Gatorade. The chocolate 
milk (non-fat version) only has about 40 calories more than the 
performance drink so they said were going to start recommending it 
to all athletes. Your mileage may vary! 


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>So what IS up with the chocolate milk at Pennsic? I've been 
>about it as long as i've been hearing about Pennsic. I'm a fan of 
>chocolate and a fan of milk...
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