[Sca-cooks] 'Tis the Season (for produce, not sillies)

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> Well, I play it by ear or rather by mouth, depending on how sweet the plums
> are and how tart.  Plums, cooked to soften [not much], run through a sieve
> to clear out the pits and skins.  Add sugar and rice vinegar as needed, cook
> to thicken a little.  Other probable additives;  fresh ginger, Sichuan
> pepper [and no capsicum].
> This was a spinoff of plum butter, which takes the plum puree, adds sugar in
> a 1:1 weight ratio, and cooks until thickened, stirring frequently.  One
> time it didn't thicken at all, whereupon the other flavorants were added and
> I called it Plum Sauce.  I meant to do that, yeah!
> Selene

I' ve made plum jam from Eleanor Fettiplace's Book - fun but kind of scary. 
Let your sugatr syrup turn to rock candy in the pot,  then throw in the fresh 
fruit. By the time your rock candy has melted, the plums are perfectly cooked 
and it's ready to set.

Then there are Sugar Plums...


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