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Georgia Foster jo_foster81 at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 5 05:43:17 PDT 2006

Works in the modern world too.

Most summers we spend some time at a tiny lake called Middle Piney.  The 
lake is half a mile wide, just at a mile long, and 300 ft deep.  Since no 
motor traffic is allowed either in or within 100 ft of the lake shore, the 
water is clear frelling cold snowmelt.  Our camp isupholl from the lake and 
in a small depression not visible from the other camps, but with a GREAT 
view of the lake at sunrise.

When we go, we always take the propane fired smoker.  The smoker is loaded 
with my own smoke base, and laden with beef roast, pork roast, and whole 
chickens.  Whatever Mackinaw Trout we catch, they get filleted on the spot 
and added to the grill.  Next to the smoker is a stack of bread rolls, and a 
cooler of assorted horseradish, mustards, and other sauces and an assortment 
of cheeses.  When one is hungry, one mearly wanders over to the smoker, 
slices off whatever meat they want, adds a handful of smoke mix to the 
hopper, and goes on about one's business.

We have had ... each and every time ... several campers and at least two 
game wardens follow their nose up the hill, over the rim and into our camp.  
We plan sufficient meat and bread to feed any travelers.


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