[Sca-cooks] Raw Milk

Kathleen Madsen kmadsen12000 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 5 18:42:36 PDT 2006

Hallelujah, Sistah!!!!!!!!!  Almost all of the
contamination scares from milk or dairy products come
from pasteurized milk.  Ever see one of those
pasteurized diary farms?  *shudder* Those animals are
in filth up to their knees!  Just don't ask to see the
filter socks in the system that pipes the milk from
the animal into the bulk tanks.

Ever since I saw a large-scale fluid milk producers
farm I just about swore off milk.


I'm on the verge of providing ya'll with a treatise on
raw milk, 
cows and safety ;) but, I think it would be less
preachy to direct 
anyone interested to the book "The Untold Story of
Milk" by Ron Schmid.  
Having drunk raw milk for several years now, without
ever knocking 
myself out to keep it cold during transport or
sterilize my glass 
bottles (just washing them by hand with a bottle
brush), making my own 
butter and some cheese, ice cream, raw yogurt and
kefir (yes, I let my 
raw milk sit out - on top of the refrigerator where
it's nice and warm 
for 48 hours at a time to culture it), I just want to
say - if it's 
certified, don't be afraid of it.  It's not potential
medical waste.  
studies, it tests cleaner than pasteurized milk, and
it's harder to 
accidentally contaminate because, when it's fresh,
it's very 
anti-bacterial (just like breastmilk).  Yeah, use
common sense - don't 
leave it sitting in a hot car for four hours while you
cruise the rest 
of the farmer's market.  But, don't freak because it
for ten minutes while you walked it from one end of
the farm to your 
car, either.

-Magdalena vander Brugghe
raw milk enthusiast ;)

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