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Sun Aug 6 08:39:22 PDT 2006

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If you brought the oil up to boiling from cold with the eggs already in the
oil, it might not.  Puncturing the shell for pressure relief might also
work, but I'd be worried that the coagulating protein might seal the hole.
Maybe we could turn this into an urban legend and get Mythbusters to
investigate for us.

Bear > > > > > >

Jaime and Adam can kiss my patuti.  I'm going to try it this Thursday at the
restaurant when we clean our fryer.  I'll simply try a couple of
experiements before I lock up, and the oil is still at 350F.  I'll let you
know the results:

Whole shelled egg

Whole Shelled egg with pin hole

Cracked egg immersed from a spoon "poach" style  (suspect cooking will be
way too fast to be palletable)

Heck, if it looks spectacular enough, I could submit it to the show
producers to see if they wat to try making a mess or showing the process
working or whatever.

niccolo the stunt chef

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