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I've been watching this thread but not commenting.  As an individual with a
mundane master's degree in counseling and having worked with ADHD kids in
the past, as well as being the mother of a mildly ADHD child, I have to say
that ADHD is one of the most misdiagnosed problems that I've seen.  Many
children who are diagnosed with ADHD are just active, energetic "normal"
children who have been given the diagnosis because a teacher, parent, or
someone with authority has pushed it.  I'm not saying ADHD doesn't exist, I
know it does, but often people are diagnosed as ADHD because "nothing else
fits" or the person in authority (usually teachers) don't want to deal with
an energetic, active child and demands that they be medicated so that they
"fit in" with everyone else.  Also, frequently medications and individual
reactions to those medications can be the cause of ADHD like behaviors and
if the evaluating psychiatrist (the only one who SHOULD diagnose ADHD) does
not take these medications and reactions into consideration again you have

I agree that there may be an element of social learning if the parent is
truely ADHD and does not take their medication, but in the case of actual
valid ADHD diagnoses within a family where the patients all take their
medication and function normally, social learning wouldn't be an issue.


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> The question that pops into my mind then becomes:  Does the case study
> support biochemical/genetic or social learning models of "transmission"?
> suspect that Okam's Razor leans a bit towards Social Learning in this
> Still seems to be a lot of support on both sides of the proverbial dinar.
> niccolo difrancesco
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