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Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius wrote:
> On Aug 5, 2006, at 12:58 PM, Tom Vincent wrote:
>> In the SCA, are any cooks/chefs/feastocrats consciously (or
>> conscientiously) adjusting feast menus to cut back on the fats and
>> increase the use of healthier ingredients?  I'm often horrified at the
>> amount of cheeses, meats, butter & oil that goes into so many of the
>> dishes I see (or help) prepare at feasts.  The only way I can justify
>> partaking in the feasts is by working a few pounds off in the kitchen
>> beforehand and being a server during. :)
> Which is probably pretty close to what our period counterparts did,  
> in addition to burning more calories simply to keep warm.
D:  Yes, indeed.  Although I would hope that period back-breaking work 
at slave wages doesn't become part of the SCA's mandate. ;>
> Do our health-conscious fighters acknowledge the potential hazards in  
> striking each other with a three-pound rattan whip, and say, "I could  
> have hit you there, so you should just acknowledge the blow. And by  
> the way, I'm Crown Prince now" ?
D:  I don't see the connection, sarcastic or not.  My question was about 
providing and promoting healthier feasts to a group that is more or less 
as obese as the general public, not about D&D-type calls in stick-fighting.
> Our goal is to contribute to the period ambiance, and, ideally, to  
> directly educate about period food. If diners don't already have some  
> basic idea of nutrition, serving them healthy food one day a week  
> isn't going to reverse the damage they're probably doing the rest of  
> the time.
D:  Every little bit helps, I suppose.  Maybe being exposed to a 
healthier feast would encourage people as well as show them that the 
chef(s) cared about their health.
> Yes, it could be a problem if partaking of an SCA feast becomes the  
> equivalent of a Thanksgiving or other holiday pig-out once (or twice)  
> a week, every week, but this is a matter for personal responsibility,  
> IMO.
D:  As everything is, but I also believe that "It Takes A Village":  We 
help each other.
> Adamantius 
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