[Sca-cooks] sugar problems

Tom Vincent Tom.Vincent at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 6 14:43:03 PDT 2006

It's hard for me to know where your exaggerations end and reality 
begins, so I'll stick with my position and reject your tale as anecdotal.

Everybody CAN lose weight;  It's just a matter for finding a healthy method.


Lisa wrote:
> Duriel,
> One of these people was my roommate in college, and we had most of our
> classes together.  I know what and how much she ate, we ate together and
> there were no vending machines available for her to "snack" without being
> caught.  I ate twice the amount she did, we exercised together, (I was
> trying to gain weight and she was trying to lose) and she never lost an
> ounce.  Of course I never gained an ounce either.  Metabolism has a LOT to
> do with gaining or losing weight, and math can't always explain everything.
> With her metabolism, for her to lose weight, she'd have to work out
> constantly and not eat for over a month... She's even spoken to multiple
> doctors about this and they all said the same thing, some people just CAN'T
> lose weight, their metabolism is just too slow.
> Elizabeta

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