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Sun Aug 6 15:17:04 PDT 2006

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My condolences on your cancer, but it is *impossible* for stopping
smoking to cause any weight gain -at all-.

I'm not being judgmental:  I'm overweight myself.  I'm looking to
encourage a supportive environment of a healthier lifestyle within the SCA.

Duriel> > > > > > >>

"Impossible" is a word not used by serious scientists or persons with
understandings of human physiology.  Complex hormonal interrlationships
account for many truly obtuse and unexpected events in human history.  It
is, after all, impossible to transplant a heart from a pig into a human . .
. what? . . . they've done that? . . . then it is impossible to regrow
neural tissue when damaged . . . they've seen that now too? . . . then it's
certainly impossible to grow a large skin graft in a laboratory using a
small sample of human circumcision tissue . . . or a liver lobe from infant
liver tissue . . . or tranplant eyeballs, etc. . . .

niccolo difrancesco
(sacrcasm for comic effect and not to demean)

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