[Sca-cooks] on topic: Healthy Feasts - was OT: diet, was sugar problems

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Sun Aug 6 15:27:09 PDT 2006

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<<<<<> D:  As everything is, but I also believe that "It Takes A
> Village":  We
> help each other.

Indeed we do, but not everyone wants to be helped, and for those that
do, help can take different forms.

Adamantius > > > > > > >

. . . . and the village, just by virtue of numbers, does not inherit the
rights to make choices for mature, intellectually functioning acults without
a court order.  I may offer information and opportunity to others, but it is
their god-given right to make the choices for themselves, village or not.
An offer and a demand are cousins, but not the same.

niccolo difrancesco
You can drag a dead horse to water, but ou can't make him sink.

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