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Tom Vincent Tom.Vincent at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 6 15:29:38 PDT 2006

I was referring to the herbal supplements.  You probably knew that.

"Certified"?  By who?  They label their products to avoid FDA 
requirements with a wink, using phrases specifically engineered to imply 
effects without claiming them.

'Dense'.  That's a good one.  To each his own.


Kirsten Houseknecht wrote:
> tom, you are being very dense......
> now you are saying that vitamins are "snake oil"?  really?  wow... so i
> should stop taking the iron pills i need for my anemia, since i dont process
> iron from red meat well?
> and i guess the B vitamins that keep my Reynauds syndrome in check are
> "snake oil" too..... and the Folic Acid to prevent birth defects?
> hmmmm.... and the melatonin my doctor recomends for jet lag?
> the echinacea and goldenseal that have helped me breath when sudafed failed?
> many of these products ARE certified in any case.....
> and the discussion was taking pills across international lines without a
> prescription. and my comment was that a doctor cant write a "prescription"
> for most over the counter type health products... like non prescription
> strength vitamins
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