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Tom Vincent Tom.Vincent at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 6 15:47:21 PDT 2006

Well, the SCA has already taken the religion, disease, slavery, 
brutality and historical methods for crown-gaining out of the historic 
period, so what's wrong with modifying the dishes to conform with 
healthier dietary guidelines?  Hell, you don't even use real swords!

After all, it isn't called Modern Middle Ages for nothing.

I didn't suggest strictly 'Lenten food' or 'food for the poor'.  No one 
did, so your red herrings don't help, but how about revisions to period 
recipes (and their previous modern redactions) in favor of healthier 
substitutions?  Cutting the butter in half, the cheese in half, the oil 
in half?  Simple changes like those?

No, I didn't see your feast menu, but I'll try to search through the 
archives to find it.  It sounds wonderful!

One feast I did didn't include any added fat except some butter in the 
apricot-mead glaze for the Cornish game hens and some butter & Parmesan 
cheese in the Risotto Milanese.

Maybe not everyone wants to be helped, but that doesn't mean we 
shouldn't try to provide a supportive, constructive environment.


Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius wrote:
> My response, which was more metaphorical than sarcastic, was to  
> question how far we should be going to protect members of our group  
> from hazards we should already be protected from by our preparation  
> for everyday life.
> Indeed we do, but not everyone wants to be helped, and for those that  
> do, help can take different forms.
> Adamantius
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Tom Vincent
"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and
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