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Duriel, I tend to agree that the "average weight" and BMI index scales are a
load of crap.  According to both scales, and every doctor I have ever seen,
I am severely underweight.  The drs have demanded that I go on this and that
diet to gain weight, with no change in my weight.  I can eat twice the
normal caloric intake for the average person, sit on my backside all day,
and not gain an ounce.  I have a hyperactive metabolism.  Due to the fact
that I have issues off and on with Hypoglycemia, I tend to eat a very
healthy diet, and watch what I eat very closely.  I do not use sugar
substitutes, as research has shown that most of them tend to cause more
problems than they solve.  Metabolism has a major impact on whether a person
can gain or lose weight.  If your metabolism is too high, you burn more
calories than you consume, regardless of your activity level.  If your
metabolism is too slow, you can exercise more than a professional athlete
and eat just enough to keep you alive and still burn too few calories to
lose weight.  Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot most of us can do to
change our metabolism, and this IS genetic.


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> 'Spiritual element'?
> I agree that there are some conspiracies between diet food companies and
> disreputable 'research' facilities, but also look at the following:
> http://www.cedars-sinai.edu/5218.html
> http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/obesity/DS00314 (no, not a clinic
> devoted to mayonnaise)
> Are you suggesting that the overwhelming evidence of the dangers of
> obesity is simply a marketing trick?
> I think you're being overly nit-picky about weights by height and don't
> see the relevancy of food preservation, refrigeration, antibiotics or
> any of your other items.  I'm talking about obesity, not just being a
> few pounds overweight.
> And it's not a fight:  It's a discussion.  We're exchanging ideas,
> opinions, options and suggestions, not blows or missiles.
> Duriel
> Mike C. Baker wrote:
> > Neither math nor physics.  PHYSIOLOGY, which is ultimately far more than
> > either, or even just pure biology.  Different individuals process
> > dietary intake at different rates and in different ways.  Hellfire!:
> > different people metabolize / process WATER and other fluids at
> > different rates, much less calories derived from foods (and different
> > combinations of foods)...  And for that matter don't forget the
> > spiritual element, either.
> >
> > Genetics are absolutely part of the mix; medical history since BEFORE
> > birth is part of the mix; and type as well as quantity of the food &
> > beverage can make extreme differences even if they may technically
> > consist of the same mix of dietary calories.
> >
> > And there is no lying involved when the study subject is under constant
> > observation... which many of these incidents we refer to have been.  And
> > then the results are suppressed / buried because "the conventional
> > wisdom" insists on using studies from the 1930's as the ultimate basis
> > of their normal average weights by height (without considering changes
> > in technology, available food preservation, refrigeration, general
> > nutrition, health advances such as antibiotics & vaccinations, etc.)
> >
> >
> > Duriel, consider this:  take a hard look at most of what you are basing
> > your opinions upon.  How much of those opinions are being based upon
> > studies that were paid for by corporations involved in the production of
> > diet foods, seeking profits from weight-loss surgery (AKA bariatric
> > surgery) or are otherwise influenced by commercial and not *pure*
> > biomedical / physiological concerns?
> >
> > Where then are the flags being draped and the crosses being carried?
> >
> > (Sorry, folx, I *told* y'all ah've got a dog in this hyar fight...)
> >
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