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Sun Aug 6 16:57:48 PDT 2006

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< < < < Thanks.  Prevention is always cheaper than the cure and testing is
always cheaper than rectifying the side-effects.  Thalidomide comes to mind.

Believing the puffed up claims on a label?  Now *that's* dense!

Duriel> > > > >

Don't misunderstand my position with Thalidomide.  Thalidomide was amazingly
effective in controlling nausea and sleep problems as it claimed.  Nothing
puffed up or misstated there.  It's the hidden side-effects that got those
thousands of kids.

FDA labeling does not ensure or deny effectiveness of a material or
substance for every person.  Nor does it ensure or deny complete safety.
Thalidomide is proving effective for treating several specific and very
serious conditions, eventhough the FDA still resists approving its increased
use . . . . for pretty good reason, I would suspect.

Now, saying that this bag of seed/dried berries I got in the mail is "just
as good as" cubebs . . . that is criminal.


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