[Sca-cooks] Cubebs

grizly grizly at mindspring.com
Sun Aug 6 17:07:53 PDT 2006

So.  Changing the subject to Cubebs (piper cubeba).

Seems it is very hard to find a reliable source of quantities of piper
cubeba other than wayyyy overpriced retail.  The one place I tried sent me
some very poor and non-aromatic spice that was actually unpleasnat.  I won't
name the place as they know they have a bad supply in hand, and were
apologetic.  I was trying to find quantites of 25# to 100# for various

Retailers are lothe to give up their supplier info, and the suppliers don't
advetise sop much online or in the media I peruse.  I've broken down to
contact a shipper in Indonesia who is sending me a sample . . . and I have
had to contact a shipper in Bali who may or may not be able to go to his
facility to pick up the cartons to ship to me through customs and all that
jazz.  YIKES!! Anyone know a wholesale outfit who sells piper cubeba in less
that pallets?

niccolo difrancesco

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