[Sca-cooks] preparing foods at tourney side over braziers-OT

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Sun Aug 6 19:43:05 PDT 2006

The picture at http://www.salmonuniversity.com/rs_htss01_step05.html
shows a Big Chief one. In this area people buy those at Cabelas
(http://www.cabelas.com) for making jerky.
They are made by Luhr Jensen which makes smokers and fishing tackle.
Most of these smokers are electric.


>> How long does it take to smoke a trout this way?  I think I want one of
>> those smokers.  'Cuz I would do terrible, horrible things for a taste of
>> smoked fishies.
>> Selene
>> The problem, Selene, is keeping the damn thing lit! (pa-dum-dum!)
>> 'Lainie
>> __________________________________________________________________

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