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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
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Maire asked:
<<< Okay, so here's something I was planning to ask anyway, since  
Pennsic's been
such a hot topic recently.
Several of my barony are going this year, and a good friend has  
offered to
go shopping for me, if I want her to.  I have some money, but not a  
ton, and
they don't have loads of room.  I'm tempted.  Sorely tempted.  But I  
figure out what I should ask for, never having *been* to Pennsic.  >>>

I guess asking them to bring you to Pennsic doesn't count? Oh. You  
meant to bring back as a gift to you. Rather than to *us*.

Well, one of the Pennsic T-shirts, as someone else mentioned.

Have them go by the Pepperer's Guild, near the barn, and look for the  
exotic spices you can't get in your home area. Cubebs, as mentioned  
here in other threads. Long Pepper, Grains of Paradise and a vial of  
saffron. They sell they saffron for a good price and it is a very,  
deep, dark red.  They do sell by mail, but being a volunteer effort  
sometimes it takes a while for them to process an order. And get a  
bottle of verjuice, if they have any in stock.

Leather? There is an outfit there that sells bulk pieces of  
miscellaneous pieces of leather bundled into a large roll for a  
fairly good price. I've still got most of mine from Pennsic 21,  
though. It lasts a long time. I note the space restriction, so this  
might not be a good choice.

Woad? There is a Lady there that sells little plastic envelopes of  
powdered woad from England. She is in one of the little merchant  
houses near the barn and the Pepperer's Guild. If you are into making  
your own oak gall ink, she usually also has some nice oak galls from  
England. Much nicer than anything I've seen on my trees here or  
anywhere else. Right now I can't remember if this is Alesandre/Honour  
or Mistress Megan, but they are both in the same area.

Hand-carved wooden spoons? A particular type of period pottery? There  
are several folks making very authentic looking medieval pots now,  
including Master Hroar. Period cookies made with reproductions of  
wooden cookie molds?  A period style portable timepiece/sundial? Hand- 
forged cooking utensils?

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