[Sca-cooks] children/ADD and ADHD

Alexa mysticgypsy1008 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 7 04:16:14 PDT 2006

I have  teenage sons (17 and almost 19).  Both were diagnosed at a young age w/ add/adhd.  Well, they had it right for my oldest but not my other son.   Diet really never affected them.  While getting my BS in health/nutrition, I did research on add/adhd and diet- found that the sugar and the food dyes did not affect the disorder itself.  I found research that backed sugar sensitivites and also food dye sensitivites and that often, again these were mis-diagnosed as add/adhd.    My oldest has that problem with too much imput overload and I have had to keep on the school and make sure that his individual assessment plan is met.  I have had to call the school and also talk to the teachers.  Especially now that he has not been taking meds.  About 2 years ago, he decided he didnt want to any more.  I told him he was at that time 16, and can make that call and also explained to him that even if he has a hard time and wants to go back to meds, it's ok, and that is the disorder not
 him failing.  He does ok,  I do have to remind the teachers (he graduates this summer) that you have to frequently remind him to stay on task.   
  My other son was mis-diagnosed.  They said he was add/adhd but really is bi-polar.  So they were treating and seeing the manic phases of the disorder, and saying it was add/adhd -- not seeing or listening to me about the other side -the downs and depression and anger.   Finally when he was about 14 they listened to me.  One counselor told me that doctors dont usually diagnose bi-polar until at the earliest late teens.   Sad.  Since then he has been off the adhd meds and on more appropriate ones and is doing so much better.  

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