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> OK ... I have intentionally been staying out of this ... but it is a 
> button
> for me.
> Pretty much every child I have ever seen that has
> socially immature
> socially overmature
> daydreams
> overly active imagination
> anger management issues (even if for cause)
> results of poor or absent parenting
> have all been diagnosed as ADD or ADHD by the armchair medics of the 
> world.
> I, for one, an thoroughly sick to sorrowing of seeing the mass 
> mis-diagnosis
> of children whom the teachers would like to see doped into oblivion so 
> that
> the classroom is more 'controllable'.  I offer as example, my brother's 
> two
> children.  They came to live with me when both parents were sent to 
> prison,
> one for forgery and one for spouse abuse.  Both children were on Ritalin.
> Within two weeks of regular meals that they didn't have to shoplift to 
> get,
> a bed that they knew was their own, and clothes that they didn't have to
> wash in the sink themselves the night before school, both were normally
> functioning children, WITHOUT the little orange pill.  Within three weeks 
> of
> my brother and his wife being released from prison and getting the kids
> back, both kids were back on the little orange pill.  Very very sad.>>

And now my rant.

My kids are well fed. They are not clothed in the latest styles all the 
time, but the clothing they have is decent and kept clean, they have warm 
beds, heat in their house in the winter and AC in the summer, a nice 
backyard with pool and sandbox to play in, plenty of toys and room to play 
with them, a full time stay-at-home mom who gives kisses and hugs as often 
as she yells, and a daddy who adores them, takes them to ball games, and is 
willing to drive from PA to Michigan alone with them to take them to see 
Grandma and Grandpa. When they are on their medication, they are wild, 
rambunctious, NORMAL little boys. They are not "doped into oblivion", they 
are not sitting in a corner drooling, they are alert and awake and able to 
sit in a chair long enough to get some schoolwork done. They still bounce 
around the classroom. Steven stands at his desk as often as he sits, because 
sitting is virtually impossible for him.  Their father and I are at the 
school every year to work out education plans--I have probably had more 
school meetings than most parents ever dreamed of, and ours are not 15 
minute conferences, we're talking literally 3 hours at a time. We are full 
time hands on parents who do whatever we can to take care of our children.
The decision to medicate them was NOT made lightly. They visit their doctor 
every other month to make sure they are healthy and strong and that the 
dosage is neither too large or too small.

And to drag this kicking and screaming back to food, they are very picky 
eaters--but they are actually trying new things! Last night they ate grilled 
pork chops and brown rice--all three of them did!  Woo hoo! They still 
didn't eat much of the roasted vegetables, but at least it wasn't peanut 
butter and jelly...


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