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Yeah, it's true. Grouper is only available a couple of times a year. It
gets overfished and then they impose a ban on keeping them. Scallops are
sold the same way. If they are big and uniform in shape then they are
shark. Real scallops are smaller and a variety of sizes (and very
expensive). I craved blackened grouper when I lived in Atlantia. Grouper is
a very meaty, rich fish with a texture resembling chicken. Very good eating.

Et si omnes ego non.

Back when I was cooking commercially, it was skate and not shark that was most often used as a fraudulent scallop.  Now that was 13+ years ago now so they may have switched to shark.  Interestingly enough Aislinn, my cafeteria downstairs was serving Kung Po grouper today in the international section.  They even had a whole one on display - it was about a yard long.

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