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My current beat-the-heat drink is pomegranate lemon/limeade. I 
just get the all natural lemonade or limeade at the store and a 
bottle of POM pomegranate juice. I mix it by the glass and water 
it down a by almost 50%. It really cuts through the dry mouth that 
I seem to get as soon as I walk out the door in the summer. 

Just for the record, yes, I'm drinking water like crazy but I 
still feel dehydrated within five minutes of being in 95+ degree 
dry heat. I'm already on my fifth 20oz bottle of water today...

Bryn Gwlad, Ansteorra

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>Since it's Pennsic, and we're stuck home in the heat:
>What are your favorites smoothies or shakes or other drinks 
(lassi, iced
>tea, whatever) recipes?
>Mine generally involve whatever leftover fruits I've got at hand -
>this minute it happens to be pineapple, cantaloup, cherries (I 
froze a bunch
>of pitted cherries for that very purpose) and vanilla ice cream.
>But sometimes I'm partial to adding ginger, allspice, cayenne, 
when Melanie
>isn't at home (she's not overly fond of spices, at least, she 
didn't like
>these one when I mixed them with the soy milk and bananas and
>But since this list consistently amazes me with extraordinary 
>I'm curious to see what you like to mix :-)
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