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I wouldn't think Medieval sugar to be white, so I wonder if powdered brown sugar wouldn't be more authentic.

Tom Vincent
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yep, as previously stated, the "powdered sugar" taht you buy today is full of 
cornstarch, so it yields a very different result.

you can achieve medieval style powdered sugar by taking regular sugar and running it 
in the blender or if you're really crazy, a mortar and pestle ;)

I am curious as to what the grain size of medieval powdered sugar would be...would it 
be like our bakers sugar, or finer?


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>Well my post didn't finish itself.  My question was how close (or far from)
>period is the powdered sugar we familiar with today to the powdered sugar
>that is mentioned in this particular recipe? (There are a few others as well
>but this one was short and easy to paste.)
>Thank you,
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