[Sca-cooks] children/ADD and ADHD

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> I was introduced to luke-warm coffee, with just enough
> cream and sugar to make it interesting, in a bottle.
> Drank my coffee, calmed down, and often as not, went
> straight to sleep.
> Kept drinking coffee through childhood and adult hood.
> I can still drink pots of coffee and sleep like the
> dead.

Me too. I have been known to drink coffee at  ten at night, and then go 
right to sleep. Caffeine has never kept me awake.
OTOH, don't get between me and that first cup in the morning. 'Tain't smart. 
I like my coffee.  "Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel and 
sweet as love". (Not anonymous, but I don't remember who it was...)

Yep. Black, no sugar. Yum.


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