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Wouldn't you want to use white pepper so it's consistent with the color scheme?  I do that with mac & cheese.
(thinking Alfredo sauce should come with an complementary angioplasty)
Tom Vincent
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> < < < < Erm, not to be too much of a stickler or to deny the  
> changing world
> and all, but since the sauce on the fettucine special served at
> Alfredo's in Rome, a.k.a. Fettucine Alfredo, consists of a little of
> the salted, boiling water the pasta was cooked in, a special white
> unsalted butter from a farm outside of Rome, grated Parmigiano, and
> maybe some pepper, what are people putting into their Alfredo sauce,
> real or otherwise?> > > > >
> I'm feeling your stickle.  I am also of the same opinion regarding
> construction of alfredo.  Problem I have is that people with money  
> to spend
> on pasta and sauce have a completely different conceptualization  
> via the
> mass market in the US.  The sauce to which I refer is more  
> classically a
> cream reduction with butter, grated hard cheese and maybe some sort of
> starch stabilizer.  Spike it with some white wine or other in the  
> sautee pan
> before serving.
> I might even find a way to add some additional flavor compliments,  
> like
> fresh ground pepper, or cubeb for the lemony hint.

Oh, I certainly wouldn't stickle [I _guess_ that can be a verb] over  
that, especially for a bulk food service setting. I'd do it that way  
myself. I just see little red flags waving when this type of thing  
becomes accepted as canonical and the Official Real Thing is not only  
supplanted, which would be bad enough, but lost entirely, which is,  
in the end, culturally devastating. Of course, I don't think that's  
what you're doing.

But between the marketing of tinned and glass-jarred glop, and the  
modern American idea that The Sauce is really The Dish, and the pasta  
merely some kind of barely-relevant starchy side (try telling this to  
the native Japanese who, some years ago, claimed that importing rice  
from Texas was messing up not only their economy, which they could  
handle, but their religion, which they could not), we seem to be  
allowing some kind of cultural slide that is, at best, sad, and at  
worst, dangerous.

Next week: "Carbonara 'Sauce' -- Convenience Food or Trigger for  

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