[Sca-cooks] speaking of smokers...wood?

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 8 16:22:51 PDT 2006

Barbara Dodge wrote:
> I recently had a branch fall from the pecan tree in my backyard.  Does 
> anyone know of any special processes I should take into consideration before 
> turning it into chips for smoking purposes?
> Felicia 
Make sure it is not poisonous or otherwise un-tasty.  Fruit and nut 
woods are the usual preference.  I got a ton of plum and mulberry 
branches in my parents' yard I need to use!  Oh but you said it was 
pecan, so that's just fine.

Hack it up into small bits, the size of average human fingers or 
smaller.  Sawdust itself will do admirably, just don't mound it on so 
heavily that your coals are smothered.

Soak in water and go to it!  I have also heard of soaking the 
smoking-wood in beer and such.

That is all I know.


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