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Mike C. Baker kihebard at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 9 10:15:03 PDT 2006

> Does cold Spam work for anything except a building material 
> in the Antarctic?

Holiday "Pate"

I Kid You Not, and it is something of a family favorite:

Finely minced / ground Spam, cream cheese, spices (garlic powder,
paprika, thyme?, dry mustard?), chopped green olives (manzanilla,
pimento-stuffed -- although we usually discarded the pimento for this
dish, leaving it in gives even more of a red/white/green color scheme
for the holidays).  Smoosh it all together, form into a ball, and use as
a spread / garnish / etc.  [Sorry, my formal recipe box is 1200+ miles
distant at the moment.]

Fancified version is served after forming in a mold, with stuffed olive
slices added to the surface for more color. 

Delicious on crackers, as stuffing for celery, or on (good) whole wheat
for sammiches.  Even used it to stuff hard-boiled eggs as an alternative
to devilled (the hardboiled yolks went into something else which I
forget).  Made it once with smoke-flavor Spam.  That batch was

(Remember, Adamantius O Great & Wise, *you* asked about using cold

Fried Spam sammiches (mayo/"salad dressing", cheese, choice of /
available bread) were another occasional treat. 

And then there was also Treat.

Amra / Kihe / Mike

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