[Sca-cooks] Peanut butter and???

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CORRECTION(s):  The Spam is usually grated instead of ground / minced.
(primary consideration is getting it fine enough to blend well with the
cream cheese...)  The proportion is usually one can of Spam to one
"normal" package of cream cheese; the mixing method is essentially

OPTIONS:  Leave the olives out of the smooshed mix (use as the garnish /
serve alongside).  Add finely chopped onion.  Add Worcestershire or soy
sauce. Add a few drops of Liquid Smoke.  "Kick it up a notch" with 6 -
12 drops of Tabasco or other pepper sauce (or "to taste").

Sorry 'bout that mind-flub on grating vs. grinding...

Amra / Kihe / Mike
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> > Does cold Spam work for anything except a building material in the 
> > Antarctic?
> Holiday "Pate"
> I Kid You Not, and it is something of a family favorite:
> Finely minced / ground Spam, cream cheese, spices (garlic 
> powder, paprika, thyme?, dry mustard?), chopped green olives 
> (manzanilla, pimento-stuffed -- although we usually discarded 
> the pimento for this dish, leaving it in gives even more of a 
> red/white/green color scheme for the holidays).  Smoosh it 
> all together, form into a ball, and use as a spread / garnish 
> / etc.  [Sorry, my formal recipe box is 1200+ miles distant 
> at the moment.]
> Fancified version is served after forming in a mold, with 
> stuffed olive slices added to the surface for more color. 
> Delicious on crackers, as stuffing for celery, or on (good) 
> whole wheat for sammiches.  Even used it to stuff hard-boiled 
> eggs as an alternative to devilled (the hardboiled yolks went 
> into something else which I forget).  Made it once with 
> smoke-flavor Spam.  That batch was "different"...
> (Remember, Adamantius O Great & Wise, *you* asked about using cold
> Spam...)
> Fried Spam sammiches (mayo/"salad dressing", cheese, choice 
> of / available bread) were another occasional treat. 
> And then there was also Treat.
> Amra / Kihe / Mike
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