[Sca-cooks] tin foil cooking was Peanut Butter and...

Elaine Koogler ekoogler1 at comcast.net
Thu Aug 10 05:50:18 PDT 2006

Sue Clemenger wrote:
> Sansho pepper?
> --Maire, who's been pigging out on tomato sammies for a few weeks now, and
> is having a cuke and tomato salad for dinner tomorrow, because she spied a
> cuke in the patch, and the tomatoes are coming on strong....(hmmm....fresh
> tomato soup with basil and cream this weekend???
>>> Best part of summer...yuppers!  Along with fresh from the garden
>>> tomatoes made into tomato sandwiches...nothing fancy, just a good whole
>>> grain bread, Hellmans Mayo, sliced tomato, salt...and sansho pepper!
>>> Kiri
Sansho pepper is a Japanese flower pepper...not nearly as hot as regular 
pepper, but has a wonderful, almost fragrant taste.  I believe it is the 
same as Szechuan pepper, only I get it from Oriental grocery stores 
powdered and in a a shaker.  GOOD STUFF!!!


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