[Sca-cooks] Threat Levels at Airports

Tara Sersen Boroson tara at kolaviv.com
Thu Aug 10 09:09:54 PDT 2006

>Wow, so this means infants and toddlers can't eat or drink for the duration
>of the flight unless the mother is actively breastfeeding during the flight
>as you couldn't bring expressed breast milk or any sort of baby food since
>it's in paste/gel form and juice in liquid form.  On some flights there
>might be the possibility of alternate brands of bottled water that might or
>might not make the child have an upset stomach due to a switch of brands and
>nonorganic apple or orange juice made from sprayed fruit, but that's usually
>the closet thing to anything babies could have. The ecoli levels and other
>bacteria are often high in airliner water tanks so it's not recommend that
>anyone take chances on the nonbottled water.  The only other possibility
>would be to take a chance on the airline provided bottled water and hoping
>the flight is calm enough to try and mix a powdered formula.

Sure makes me glad I nursed Talia to almost 4 years and Anika's still 
nursing at 2... ;)  Though, seriously... my kids were the first thing 
that came to mind when I heard about the new restrictions.  I go to 
Arizona with both girls every winter.  We could *not* make it through 
the five hour flight without familiar snacks, especially for Anika who's 
gluten intolerant.  An SCA friend moved home to Australia a couple years 
ago with her 2 year old who was allergic (really allergic, anaphylaxis) 
to peanuts and a couple other things (tree nuts, I think they might have 
been fearful of soy, I can't remember what all, maybe Jadwiga does).  
She would *never* have been able to safely let him eat any food provided 
by the airline.  Can you imagine a child going through anaphylaxis on a 
plane half way across the Pacific because they weren't allowed to bring 
their own food on a 20 hour flight?

And, England is forbidding any carry-on luggage.  Will the US do that 
next?  How on earth will any parent keep any child occupied without 
coloring books and toys???  Don't say the in-flight movie - the last 
time we flew, the movie was so violent, even without our having 
headphones to listen to it, that it frightened Talia.  It was some movie 
about firefighters.  Flames shooting out of holes in buildings, 
firefighters falling through holes in the roof in geysers of flame.  
Scared the living shit out of *me* (but ever since having kids, and 
finding yards of mouse-chewed wiring in my ceiling, I've got a thing 
about house fires...)

I wonder if they're forbidding things that were bought on the 
concourse.  Like, if you buy a bottle of water or some beef jerkey in 
the news stand, after you were checked through security, would you be 
allowed to carry that on?  How would they control for that, considering 
they're not set up for a security check at the jetway?

Oy.  My sister just spent $2200 on tix to fly to England next week with 
her boyfriend to see his kids.  Her bank was violently robbed last week, 
and she's going through PTSD over it (I'm not exagerating... this wasn't 
a passed-note robbery, this was a guy with a Glock behind her teller 
line...)  I don't know if she'll be able to make that flight :(


Tara Sersen Boroson

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