[Sca-cooks] Threat Levels at Airports

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 10 09:34:17 PDT 2006

> I mean, we members of a club on the FBI's list of subversive organizations have reason to be concerned about such things...
> Adamantius
> Sh*t yeah! I got super paranoid and concerned for the future of the SCA
> when the CIA/FBI said they were going to monitor non-profits to make sure
> they weren't associated/sending money to terrorists orgs. With all of our
> Arabic persona people, I felt certain they would mess with us since we are
> on their "list". Being as the SCA is a 501C not-for-profit, my alarm
> lessened, but hasn't gone away completely. I mean, this is the gov't we are
> talking about, the same one that mowed down college kids at Kent State and
> sets up "free speech zones" so the Prez doesn't have to see his
> constituents protesting. I even contemplated having to choose between the
> US gov't and the Knowne Worlde. Did you know the SCA has the third largest
> standing army in the USA?
You guys are the victims of the oldest Urban Legend in the Society.  
Maybe there was some truth to it once, but not lately.  How many hundred 
SCA members in the military and technological sectors have high-end 
clearances?  The SCA does not seem to be a barrier to getting a 
clearance these days, according to my sources. 

And since when has the Society itself had a standing army?  Say rather 
19, one for each kingdom, plus various mercenary groups.  And none of 
them with any [official] weaponry more high-tech than a ballista.  HLS 
has bigger fish to fry than us.

Back during scary few days immediately following 9/11, I was worried 
about Caid Crown Tourney getting hassled and even considered suggesting 
that people not wear Middle Eastern garb nor even a veil + circlet.  And 
forget the traditional cheer of LONG LIVE CAID!  Even though we had the 
name first, darn it.  Well all my nerves came to naught, the worst 
problems we faced that day involved the absence of a few friends who had 
been stranded away on business trips without access to air travel.  But 
no problems with passers-by, no irate neighbors with shotguns, etc.  
Yes, just about everybody has told me to Mellow Out and I have taken 
that good advice to heart.

Mellowly yours,

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