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Kathleen Madsen kmadsen12000 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 10 10:14:47 PDT 2006

Yes, this has me concerned as well.  I understand that
*only* baby formula is allowed on board and that's
only if both the mother and the baby demonstrate it's
safe by drinking it in front of the inspectors. 
That's what they said on the morning news anyway.  I
fly out to Phoenix tomorrow and in order to keep my
kidney transplant I have to take my pills at 8am and
8pm.  My flight leaves at 7:45.  Hopefully I can take
it a *little* early if they have the food vendors

*sigh*  Once again, because of the actions of a
handful of individuals the nation suffers.  How much
does this really protect us anyway?!?



Wow, so this means infants and toddlers can't eat or
drink for the 
of the flight unless the mother is actively
breastfeeding during the 
as you couldn't bring expressed breast milk or any
sort of baby food 
it's in paste/gel form and juice in liquid form.  On
some flights there
might be the possibility of alternate brands of
bottled water that 
might or
might not make the child have an upset stomach due to
a switch of 
brands and
nonorganic apple or orange juice made from sprayed
fruit, but that's 
the closet thing to anything babies could have. The
ecoli levels and 
bacteria are often high in airliner water tanks so
it's not recommend 
anyone take chances on the nonbottled water.  The only
would be to take a chance on the airline provided
bottled water and 
the flight is calm enough to try and mix a powdered

No one could give or take any liquid medications
during the flight 

Do alcoholic beverages or soda survive in noncarryon

Sharon, pondering 12+ hour flights with babies that
have no food or 
drink or
needed medications

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