[Sca-cooks] Threat Levels at Airports

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Thu Aug 10 11:24:50 PDT 2006

Remember, the SCA got it's start in 1966 in the Bay Area (IIRC, MZB's house 
was in (the People's Republic of ) Berkley).  Back in the days of "Peace and 
Protest" a lot of little oddball organizations got watched veddy closely. 
(And then there is the tale of the two dukes who broke a police line for fun 
during one of the Berkeley riots in the late 60's.  Apochryphal, I'm sure.)

The Norman PD used to watch the SCA after it came to Oklahoma in the 70's, 
but that may have been for entertainment rather than any serious 
consideration of villianous intent.  Fighter practice was in a park across 
the street fom the PD headquarters.  We also had some county sheriffs called 
out on us from time to time (uninformed locals mistaking melees for a gang 
rumble), but these days, we're just part of the local color.

Koris Natterhelm did get involved with the Dallas PD about the time he 
became King of Atenveldt.  He helped the riot control officers work out how 
to use baton and riot shield to disarm sword swinging Iranian protestors 
without taking a lot of damage.


> Well, I was sort of half-kidding. It was rumored we were on the FBI
> watch list back in the 80's, but at that time we had a high-level
> intelligence spook as a Great Officer of State in the East Kingdom,
> an active group within The 82nd Airborne Division, and our Viceroy
> was helping run the campaign of a New York gubernatorial candidate,
> so I suspect we checked out as harmless enough...
> Adamantius

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