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Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Thu Aug 10 18:28:16 PDT 2006

Ok I'll play.
"Decorative Bread is a lost art rich in history and tradition that is 
currently enjoying a modern revival among bakers, and for good reason. 
The techniques utilized produce stunning results, and even complicated 
effects can be surprisingly easy to learn."
Chef Ciril Hitz is a baking/pastry instructor at Johnson & Wales 
University in Providence, Rhode Island.
The photo gallery is here-- http://www.breadhitz.com/decbreads.html
I really like some of these. That Celtic Cross and Book of Kells are cool.
He also has a series of dvd's out.

And one of his links is to http://www.chicagomoldschool.com/home.html

> Not to step on your First Amendment rights, but could we get back to
> talking about cooking?
> --Cian

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