[Sca-cooks] OT:third largest paramilitary group

JAMES REVELLS sudnserv5 at verizon.net
Thu Aug 10 21:16:18 PDT 2006

     The second largest Paramilitary group are the Boy Scouts, we are the 
third.  This description makes more sense to me than describing the SCA as a 
standing army.
    Most Black Powder/Civil War groups are small local groups, with out a 
national organization or paramilitary training.
    If you like the idea of the SCA taking over after the fall of 
civilization check out some of the books by SM Sterling.  "Dies the Fire" is 
the first of a series based on something changing the laws of physics to 
where steam power, electricity & explosives no longer work on Earth.  Fun 
who thinks he will be able to run out to Pennsic for a couple of days next 
week to see if any of the various artist there might be willing to consign 
some goods to the gallery I am opening in October. 

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