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So how does one objectively determine when a voice is 'a little alarmism' and when it is 'shrill shouts'?
Sort of like saying that a dish is too spicy or too bland.
(always enlightening to see how people say "I don't like that" with denouncing, but uninforming, terms)
Tom Vincent
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The good news is that Jihad Cindy was defeated in the Primaries, so her
rabble rousing won't spurn more use of resources and knee-jerk responses to
assuage her demands that the governemnt is keeping dirty little secrets
about terror threats.  A little alarmism is good for circulation and
regularity, but shrill shouts that the sky is falling and the jews are
wrecking the world all have to ease up a bit down here in Georgia.

niccolo difrancesco
(never got to vote ABC in Dekalb County . . . Anyone But Cynthia)

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