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Excuse me??? "Jihad Cindy???" Who is she, and why should I care?
--Maire, a long, looong ways from Georgia, and dealing with her own local
and state politics, thankyouverymuch :-(

Very objectively, Cynthia McKinney is the Georgia Congresswoman who was
recently in the news for an incident involving a security checkpoint, her
walking around the metal detector as is allowable for Congressional staff.
When  she was stopped and detained for questioning by the security guards
who didn't recognize her (she was not wearing the lapel pin distributed for
this identification purpose), she immediately alleged racism and personal
percecution.  She further went on to threaten lawsuits against several
parties over the incident.

Politically, she is the reason some analysts credit with having the Terror
Alert system.  She said that the President knew about the 911 attacks, had
resources and time to stop it, but allowed it to happen through intentional
is at least criminal malfeasance.  She made very public claims that the
government knew too much too often about terrorist threats and were keeping
it all secret for some reason I do not remember.  So, we now have the
perpetual yellow alert and reports about all sorts of things that don't have
a lot of significance to our daily lives except to let us know they are
telling us.

The derragatory nickname, "Jihad Cindy", came from news stories that broke
here in GA befroe and just after 911 wherein it was reported that a good bit
more than 50% of her compaign contribution fiunds came from people with
Muslim sounding names.  Also from the report that a large (maybe more than
25%) of these muslim names came from out of the state of GA.  There is a guy
somewhere in Michigan, it seems, that has the largest muslim named
constitutancy in the country, and her fund-raising from that group was
vastly larger than his . . . like 20 or 100 times more.  That is what all
the stories alleged, and there were no denials of the facts that I can
remember on the matter.

It is big news here since the primary in 2002 was heralded unconstitutional,
by her campaign, as thousands of Republicans crossed over to vote in the
Democratic primary for her opponent.  In a district gerrymandered for her to
win it with little effort, she got beaten by another black woman with
slightly less extreme political views.  State law in GA has no requirement
for registering for any particular party, and you can vote in any primary
election, and vote for any candidate in General Elections.  Wierd system,
but it has worked for those on the winning side for decades and decades :o)
On losing, she and her father (a GA State representative) began shouting
about Isreal and jews being the reason they lost the campaign and jews
buying votes for her . . . . he was a whole lot more vocal and loud.  So,
she won the election again in 2004 as the incumbent in her district went to
die in a Senatorial race . . . and now she has lost again in 2006 . . . and
the jewish people are again the alleged cause.

She has in the past done good work for her largely underemployed,
undereducated federally subsidized constitutency.  She just never
anticipated another black woman challenging her . . . that was her

niccolo difrancesco

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